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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday's New Leaked Singles 4/6/10

Papoose commits some real lyrical homicide on this beat. Everyone loves waiting for Pap to spit his magic on the hottest beats. I'm Ill is just another to have fallen victim to his dagger mouth. There usually would be a quote but with Pap, you really have to listen and play it back to appreciate it.
4 1/2 Gas Cans


Papoose - I'm Ill [160]

Epic. His name says it all. Never having heard a song from Epic, there was a lot of hesitation. Top of the World is a highly recommended listen, even if you to are hesitant to listen to artists with big ego's exaggerated names. If Epic keeps this up on his mix tape (set to be reviewed this week), he'll be a new blog favorite.
4 1/2 Gas Cans


Epic - Top of the World (Feat. Farrin) [192]

What it do, it's Paul Wall. This is a typical Paul Wall song in every sense imaginable. Honestly though, this song has better lyrics than most other Paul Wall songs do. With that said, the chorus is lacking, and the beat isn't all that special. If you're a Paul Wall fan however, you'll love this song. For that reason it's G'd Up!
3 1/2 Gas Cans


Paul Wall - I'm On Patron [256]

Talib Kweli & Bun B spittin' together on a Hi-Tek track? YES PLEASE! This song is dope. The horns set up an epic beat, and the flow of Talib gets better, and faster as the verse goes on. Truly flawless on his part. Before even hearing Bun B, you can tell he'll tear the beat apart. Both emcee's are amazing. Props to Hi-Tek for making such an incredible beat. If the scale went to 5 1/2, they'd be tops.
5 Gas Cans


Reflection Eternal - Strangers (Feat. Bun B) [192]

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