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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Murs & 9th Wonder - Fornever (2010)

The next time a girl tells you size matters, refer her to this album. Fornever starts with the song of the same name, from here on in you should be hooked. Murs & 9th are a hip hop duo that rival any duo you can think to name. The second song, The Lick, has Murs & VerBS going head to head, spitting back to back bars, describing their night and trip to the corner store. Neither misses a beat in that song. There's so much praise to give Murs & 9th Wonder for hooking up again. Fornever has a replay factor that will have you playing these songs for years to come. "You like to front like that time o da month / the reason you got yo panties in a bunch." That line comes from Let Me Talk, Murs' ode to telling a girl off. All the things men never said but thought. Murs & 9th Wonder kill this 10 track album. Every song is fire, and each song has an infectious beat that only 9th could have produced. MURS FOR PRESIDENT!
5 Gas Cans

Fornever, The Lick, Cigarettes & Liquor & Let Me Talk

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1. Fornever (Feat. Kurupt)
2. The Lick (Feat. VerBS)
3. Asian Girl (Feat. 9thmatic)
4. Let Me Talk (Feat. Suga Free)
5. Cigarettes & Liquor
6. Vikki Veil
7. I Used To Luv H.E.R. (Again)
8. The Problem Is... (Feat. Sick Jacken & Uncle Chucc)
9. West Coast Cinderella
10. Live From Roscoe's (Feat Kurupt)

Murs & 9th Wonder - Fornever


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