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Monday, April 5, 2010

Raekwon - The Vatican IV (2010)

When did the rap community get together and collectively decide skits were what the people wanted to hear? Minus the nine skits, (ten if you count the intro), Raekwon and DJ Riddler have a hot tape here. The Vatican series though it might not all be on Drink Gas is fire, this mix tape completes the four part saga. We'd like more full songs, more thought out verses and a better overall feel for this tape, but we're not complaining. Lyrically, Raekwon flows over The Riddler's tracks with ease, minus a few tracks like Back to the Kitchen, which doesn't seem to have Raekwon and The Riddler on the same page. Want some flavor? "Welcome to the fish fry where niggas get burnt to a crisp / jump out the pot, 'yea yo I got this'." Those who love Raekwon won't be disappointed by this tape. It's got everything we could ask for: Raekwon, verses, full songs and flavor. Don't let the track list scare you, this mix tape only runs about an hour.
4 1/2 Gas Cans

Bloodmissiles, Baggin' Ounces In The..., The Watch & Shout Out to Kane

bit rate: 160 KB/s
rar size: 74.7 MB

1. White Killers [Intro]
2. Bloodmissles
3. Back To The Kitchen
4. Stevie Wonder And Rae's Crew [Remix]
5. Eddie Murphy [Skit]
6. Fuck Them Niggas
7. Rae [Skit]
8. Baggin Ounces In The...
9. Wish I Had A Bigger Gun
10. DJ Riddler [Skit]
11. Yea Yo I Got This
12. Harlem River Drive [Skit]
13. The Watch
14. Pussy Like Cat Women
15. 2009 Jordan
16. DJ Riddler [Skit]
17. DJ Riddler [Skit]
18. Ghost & Raekwon
19. Chris Rock [Skit]
20. Shout Out To Kane
21. Ever Since I Was 13
22. Big Pussy
23. Rae [Skit]
24. Wu Tang At It Again [DJ Riddler Mix]
25. Real In The Game
26. Flush Verse
27. L's Lit
28. Straight From The Dungeons Of Hell
29. Livin' In Killa Hill
30. 321
31. Take Y'all Back A Little
32. Got To Light It Up
33. Bulletproof Diaries
34. Why Black Man Why
35. Nigger Lover [Skit]
36. Last Track

Raekwon - The Vatican IV

This mix tape is not available for purchase.

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