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Friday, April 2, 2010

Ace Hood - Roger Dat (Feat. Mista Mac & Dirty 1000)

Ace Hood is pretty nice. Been watchin' Ace since the cover of XXL last year. Roger That can't be done as well as Loso & Freck did it; but with that said, Ace Hood can call himself Mr. Cardiac for a great energetic first verse. Mista Mac has a good sound, haven't heard anything from him before so there is reserved judgment on him. Dirty 1000, brings it, really feelin' that last verse. If this was on an original beat from these three it would be rated 4 1/2 easy. With that said: "..nigga got beef, blew a hamburger helper."
3 1/2 Gas Cans


Ace Hood - Roger Dat (Feat. Mista Mac & Dirty 1000) [160]

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