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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Big Mike - Keep It Playa

Big Mike - Keep It Playa

1. Respect My Mind
2. Da Sermon
3. Leaving Louisiana
4. Don't Be Mad At Me (Feat. Slash & Sydnee Jane)
5. Swinging With My Trunk On Bang (Feat. Slash)
6. 4 Ever Young (Feat. Slash)
7. What You Heard (Feat. Slash, Rich Black & Harold James)
8. Do Something With Ya Life (Feat.Slash & Sydnee Jane)
9. Be What It's Gon Be (Feat. Sly Fox & Man Kyne)
10. Airyday All Day (Feat. Dolla 1)
11. Take It Outside (Feat. Da Affiliated Game)
12. It Is What It Is (Feat. Man Kyne, Sly Fox & Icece)
13. How We Do It

Big Mike - Keep It Playa


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