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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Big L - In Memory Of Vol. 2

Big L - In Memory Of Vol. 2

1. Rest In Peace
2. Once Again
3. Bring Em Back
4. Lord Finess and Big L [Interlude]
5. Yes, You May Remix (Feat. Lord Finesse)
6. Put it On (Feat. Kid Capri)
7. Let Em Have It L
8. Graveyard (Feat. Lord Finesse And Jay-Z)
9. Devil's Son
10. Dignified Soldiers (Feat. D.I.T.C.)
11. Dangerous (Feat. O.C)
12. Internationally Known (Feat. D.I.T.C.)
13. Uptown Connection (Feat. Mase)
14. American Dream (Feat. Children of the Corn)
15. Watch Your Back (Feat. Camron And Bloodshed)
16. How Will I Make It
17. Furious Anger (Feat. Shyheim)
18. Double Up (Feat. Kool G Rap And Royal Flesh)
19. Big Picture
20. Flamboyant
21. Deadly Combination (Feat. 2Pac And The Notorious B.I.G.)
22. Enemy
23. Timez is Hard
24. School Daze
25. Unexpected Flava
26. Should Have Used A Rubber
27. Day One (Feat. D.I.T.C.)
28. Street Struck
29. Big L Outro

Big L - In Memory Of Vol. 2


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