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Friday, December 26, 2008

Young Buck - The Cashville Takeover

Young Buck - The Cashville Takeover

1. Cashvile Intro
2. The Taped Conversation
3. Money on my Mind (Feat. The Outlawz, $o$a Tha Plug & All Star)
4. My Interview
5. Cashville Drop
6. Fucks With Me (Feat. Tha Outlaz & $o$a Tha Plug)
7. It's Not Ok
8. [50 Cent] Hot 97 Interview
9. [Tha Outlawz] Only Life I Know
10. Dopeman Bitch (Feat. All Star, $o$a Tha Plug & 615)
11. Money Rite (Feat. $o$a Tha Plug & All Star)
12. Cashville Drop
13. Driving Down the Freeway [G-Mix] (Feat. The Outlawz, Snoop Dogg & Stormey)
14. HBI Fuckin' Exclusize Drop
15. We Outta Here (Feat. The Outlawz & $o$a Tha Plug)
16. Lookin' for Some Hoes (Feat. $o$a Tha Plug)
17. [The Outlawz] Real Niggaz (Feat. Stormey)
18. [C-Bo] Jays on my Feet
19. Cashville Drop
20. Kill Me A Nigga
21. [The Outlawz] Real as it Gets (Feat. Stormey)
22. Re-Up (Feat. $0$a Tha Plug)
23. Godz Plan (Feat. The Outlawz)
24. Cashville Drop
25. [All Star] Grind Head (Feat. Yo Gotti & Young Buck)
26. Sirius Interview
27. [The Outlawz] We Want In (Feat. Stormey)
28. Cashville Outro

Young Buck - The Cashville Takeover

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