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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Kurupt - Kuruption!

Kurupt - Kuruption!

cd 1 (West Coast)
1. This One's For U
2. Make Some Noise
3. Put That On Something (Feat. Freeze)
4. Play My Cards (Feat. Blaq Toven
5. We Can Freak It (Feat. Baby S & Andre Wilson)
6. Fresh
7. C-Walk (Feat. Slip Capone & Tray Dee)
8. Know What Im Doin' (Feat. Rick Ross & T-Pain)
9. Ho's A Housewife (Feat. Paul & Fuss)
11. Can't Let That Slide
12. That's Gangsta
13. Survive Another Day
14. Ask Yourself A Question (Feat. Dr. Dre)

cd 2 (East Coast)
1. It's A Set Up
2. Light Shit Up (Feat. Buckshot)
3. Game
4. Gimmewutchagot (Feat. Barshawn)
5. If You See Me (Feat. Baby S, El-Drex, Short Khop & Trigga)
6. The Life (Feat. El-Drex)
7. No Feelings (Feat. Slop & Patacico)
8. It's Time (Feat. Deadly Venoms)
9. I Wanna... (Feat. Ralik Royale, Snake, Floyd, Drea & Dana)
10. Who Do U Be (Feat. Shelene)
11. We Can Freak It East Coast Remix (Feat. Noreaga)

Kuruption! (West Coast)
Kuruption! (East Coast)

Kurupt - Kuruption (Amazon)

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